greed fear and horse hockey

from vantage points: a contritions of the phoenix publication

so it’s finally happened…the executive branch of our government has been taken over by snidely whiplash.  that is not the only problem-the legislative branch has been taken over by those at snidely’s command.  this means that our government is being lead by maniacal villainous cartoon characters.  it would be funny if it weren’t such a dangerous situation.  we are in trouble.

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there is no need to go into all of the bullshit that is going on.  it’s bad.  It’s scary as hell.  and it’s just begun.

there are reasons to be hopeful.  there are things we can do to try to stay afloat.  we have to work together.


there has to be an end to the war of the distressed.  i understand that some of us realized we have been in this muck hip-deep from birth.  there are several people that i respect very much who have known their entire life, due to their own personal intersectionality-shit’s deadly.   but if we deny someone access to the support, community, advocacy, comradery needed to keep humanity together just because they haven’t seen the war before, we are losing allies and we are no better than those who are opposing us.  We are dividing our forces by drawing the same lines we are opposing.  the powers that be don’t have to fight us, we are doing a damn good job of that by ourselves.  if we are in the trenches together, fucking get with it.  the 63 year old cis-white man probably hasn’t been aware he was a part of a problem or even that there was a problem until now, but here he is….why would we turn our backs on him when he is now a part of the chain that will keep the collective us from drowning in this rottenness?  i for one am tired of being analyzed as to if i am “un” enough to be a part of revolutionary actions.  do i meet enough of the requirements to link arms and fight?  there are people who approach me all the time feeling as though they don’t belong in advocacy work because they have been alienated, and i myself have felt that way several hundred times.  if we are looking to break down the walls of oppression, we cannot be what our oppressors are.


we have to help where we can.

looking around, seeing people in need and walking away because those people are not the kind of people we want to help is committing a hate crime.  as a society we still have the tone that if people work hard enough, try hard enough, do enough they will rise up and be somebody.  well, that is 20 tons of horse hockey!  there are more people than jobs.  we have millions of homeless.  we have millions who will never get a proper education.  we have veterans who tried to do something about what was classified as “evil” in the world, who cannot function in the society that expedited their deterioration.  there are people with mental disorders who are denied help constantly and consistently.  people can’t pay their rent working 2 jobs.

it doesn’t take martyrdom to help people when you can.  once a month, our family spends about $20 total to make food and deliver it to people in our community who are panhandling or homeless.  when people find out that we do this, we hear “well, if those people would (1) get a job (2) stop doing drugs (3) stop drinking (4) take their crazy pills (5) some random combo of the aforementioned  reasons they wouldn’t need charity!”   

wealth is not an appraisal of morality.  which is more telling: a person who is asking for help or one who is refusing to help when they can?


we continue despite what the they are doing.  freedom, liberty, equality are not given to us.  we have them.  our rights are inherent not doled out by an omnipotent government.  we do not exist for the government-the government exists for the people.  for so long we have waited for permission to do, to be, to say, to think, to act.  we have forgotten there are other options.  we are the food for the hydra.  it lives on our fear, on our free will, on our resignation and mostly on our money.  

we have to get back to the basics.  we have to look around and take care of what we see in front of us.  we cannot sit in our homes, too afraid to move, waiting for the next sneaky snakey villain to emerge from who knows where.  we cannot hand our children a world motivated solely on fear.  don’t get me wrong, i have no death wish.  i am afraid that the kkk or freaked out meth-head neonazis will show up rounding up the freak of the week, but if that happens tomorrow i will have done everything today that i can do to make those summabitches know i was here.  that means, for me, speaking my mind, helping my fellow humans, listening to good music, reading books, loving who i love, not apologizing for who i am, talking to people and never forgetting that i am and always will be free.


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