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Ferguson Black Lives Matter Activist Darren Seals Executed

Conversations Of A Sistah

darren-seals-550x436A prominent Black Lives Matter activist who led the protests in Ferguson, MO. was shot and killed early Tuesday.

Police found the body of 29-year-old Darren Seals in a burned out car near St. Louis.

He was shot to death before the car was torched in a parking lot along the Mississippi River in a northern St. Louis suburb.

Aralyn Jones told KMOV-TV she woke up around 2 a.m. and saw the car fully engulfed in flames after hearing a “big, big boom”.

Police believe the vehicle was set on fire around 1:50 a.m. Tuesday.

Seals was a key leader in the protests over the wrongful police shooting of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson on August 9, 2014.

Seals’ grandmother, Ether Seals, remembered him as a “smart kid”.

“I’m just numb,” she told the NY Daily News.

“I didn’t realize how smart he was until all those things happened…

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wildflowers for eric-stories of mental illness

the frei art cooperative is introducing a new zine: wildflowers for eric.  this zine focuses on mental illnesses and their unique manifestations and effects.  we are hoping to help destigmatize these illnesses which will hopefully lead to those suffering from these sometimes fatal disorders to seek, receive and manage treatment without shame.

all proceeds of this zine are donated to a family who has lost a husband and father to his silent suffering from mental illness.

wildflowers for eric-stories of mental illness issue 1

the contritions of the phoenix zine issue 1.95

we hope that you enjoy reading this little publication chock-full of awesomeness as much as we enjoyed writing it!

contritions of the phoenix zine 1.95 revolution

the frei art cooperative’s interview for abq zine fest

An Interview with Frei Art Cooperative

  • What’s the name of your cooperative?

The Frei Art Cooperative: The Contritions of the Phoenix Zine

  • There are a lot of moving parts to this collective. Please tell us a little about the zines you’ll be tabling at ABQZF! 

The Contritions of the Phoenix Zine features visual artists/poets/authors/various other artists from around the world, highlights social issues and activism through journalistic articles along with humorous social commentary. Wildflowers for Eric is a small zine dedicated to mental health-with all proceeds going to a family who lost their father/husband to suicide. Wildflowers for Eric features articles written by those with mental & emotional illness, social workers and friends and families affected by mental illness. We also have several small publications highlighting artists who are in The Frei Art Cooperative.

  • How long have you been writing zines, and how did you get started? How long have you been making zines? 

The co-founder of The Frei Art Cooperative-Grace Fry-Rannila-has been making zines since 1991(ish) as a part of the punk rock movement. Her first multi-issue zine Pariah’s Voice had 5 issues in one year. “In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s finding anything punk rock was tough at first. I lived in a pretty right-wing area of north Texas. You knew the other punks in the neighborhood, well, in our case the 250 mile radius of the house. 

Back then, zines were a vital way for us to share info with the world-bands we saw, bands we heard, anarchist rantings…I don’t think I have grown up much from that…” Amy Dolloff, another co-founder of The Frei Art Cooperative, has been making zines for about 3 years. 

Aubrey Byers, the final co-founder of The Frei Art Cooperative, is relatively new to zining with only 6 months under her belt, but within those 6 months she has grown tremendously as a writer and social activist.

  • What’s a zine? How do you describe zines to those new to them? Define “zine,” in your way.

zines-self published, small distro publications

  • Do you think zines important to literary culture? If so, why? 

“I think zines are more important in today’s society than possibly any other time in history. We now live in a world of corporate journalism with newspapers/magazines/television selling “the news” to the highest bidder. Mainstream media has created a disintegrated, very fragmented, narrow view of reality. Seeking out and exposing ideas that are an alternative to those bought and sold through commercialism is essential to our humanity.“ Grace Fry-Rannila

  • Do you have a zine crush? If so, are you willing to reveal the object of your zine affection? 

“Julia Eff! They are amazing!” Says Grace Fry-Rannila.

  • What do you enjoy most about making zines? What do you fine to be the most frustrating thing about the process? 

“I personally enjoy researching articles…I also really enjoy the layout process. What I really dislike is waiting for people to turn their submissions in. We have several contributors, and having to remind people to get their work in makes me feel like a boss, and not in that hip/cool ‘hey, i’m like a boss’ but in that ‘man, the boss man’. That part isn’t so great…” Grace Fry-Rannila says.

“For me, I enjoy the monotonous collating process. I find it soothing and mindless. The most frustrating part is deciding what to write about and committing to it!” Amy Dolloff says.

“Finding my voice in social issues is the most surprising and gratifying facet of zine work. I could do without the monotony of collating but it teaches me…patience…” Aubrey Byers says.

  • How have zines helped you grow as an artist/writer/musician/thinker/maker? *

“Zines have opened the doors for my creativity. I constantly have an outlet for anything I find interesting/important/critical to bring awareness to. I find great satisfaction in any DIY project and zines are limitless!” Amy Dolloff “I feel like zines have reconnected me to myself-my art, my writing, my activism- through cooperation with other artists while also giving them a platform. I feel that it is important for artists and activists to have an equal share of what the public sees-i think that is what makes change possible.” Aubrey Byers says.

  • What kind of zine do you want to write/create that you haven’t explored yet? (Topic, format, style, etc.) 

“I am a music lover, but I haven’t figured out how I want to incorporate that into the zine world yet. Music is essential to life and constantly evolving. Everyone should be encouraged to examine how music has an effect in their own life. An audio-zine…yup, that’s it” Amy Dolloff “I am interested in comics and graphic novel stories. I hope one day to work with a graphic artist to create a graphic novel based on a few ideas I have scurrying around in my head.” Aubrey Byers says.
Thanks, Frei Art Cooperative!

Check out their zine on SATURDAY, October 8!

to read interviews with other tablers for the abq zine fest check out their tumblr

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the contritions of the phoenix zine is a quarterly independent magazine our largest publication to date.  the content includes multi-media artists, writers, reviews, recipes, essays/articles written by individuals highlighting struggles and oppression and much more.  the first issue of the contritions of the phoenix zine can be found:

contritions of the phoenix zine 1st issue

sherman i sherwood is a member of the frei art cooperative.  he works primarily with graphic/glitch art that focuses on his life as a dischordian pope.  his work is vibrant, beautiful and at times quirky and silly.  some of his work can be found in the contritions of the phoenix zine, but also on his social media sites:

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the frei art cooperative highlight zine of sherman i sherwood

grace fry is the co-founder of the frei art cooperative.  she is the founder/editor of the contritions of the phoenix zine, a poet, an author of short stories and overall loud mouth.   her work can be found at:

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tanya ross aka tandoll has been a professional artist for over a decade, having created her very own signature medium using an intricate method with oil pastels and colored pencils. most of her artwork is drawn in a lowbrow/kitsch big-eye style that is colorful, spunky, and at times a little silly.  her work can be found:

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