Moving to Maine

About 15 years ago, I was misdiagnosed with a debilitating disease, which turned out to be nothing more than i am a very unique person with a very unique brain.  I have Functional Neurological Disorder, meaning that my brain is wired differently from the majority of human beings.  I am trying to chronical my journey toward making FND and other neurodivesities a part of the normal in as many places as possible!

Also, my beautiful partner is being offered some really cool stuff in Maine-a magical mystical land full of Moose-lodges, Peepers, Blueberries and Fairies!  Luckily some family members have offered to let us stay on their land so….win/win!

We are moving to a new home, where the one medication that can help me is legal!



community before government

most of the people in my life, both personally and professionally, have been hit hard by the election. i cried. i have allowed myself fear, asking those around me if it is a healthy fear or paranoia, and honestly i think it is both.
we have a president-elect who is known for bad business deals, bad marriages and a truly bad hairstyle. we know he is a monster-but here we are.
i have read many articles and commentary about what is happening, but what i am seeing above and beyond the initial fear, shock and awe of this, is a knowledge that we need each other. this is a time when we hold our hands out to neighbors, to make sure the needs of the whole are met. we don’t need a government to manage our communities, we need each other.
we need feet to ground actions-black lives matters, food not bombs, the standing rock anti-dakota pipeline protests. we need compassion and consideration-there will be more of a need for donations to food banks. we need voices to help carry and protect our humanity-research, create, distribute. there is a way for everyone to find a space in creating our new direction, even if it is a simple hug and some words of encouragement.

raffle of awesomeness!

oooooooo!!!!  when the goblin hoard gets full….

when we sat down and designed the frei art cooperative we never really foresaw our goblin hoard as a stagnate place for art to hang out, but we weren’t prepared for the amazing influx of contributors: artists, writers, musicians, homesteaders, grass-roots organizers! so here we are overflowing with awesomeness, and we have only one option to give it away!  that is what gift economy is all about, y’all!

so please sign up to win some cool cool stuffs!  all you have to do is email us (your info will not be given out, sold, traded, etc nor we will bombard you with email love)

we have novels, books of poetry, cookbooks, paintings, sketches, prints, patches, paper copies of zines and much more!

good luck!