Liberty’s Prodigal Children-By SD Westbrook

from Vantage Points contritions of the phoenix publications

President Donald Trump. The words seem surreal, even comical. Though as surely as there are letters on this page, that is our reality. Donald Trump is our first billionaire president. While I can accept that, I cannot pretend he is anything but what he has shown himself to be; rich, privileged and derisive.

Trump was born rich. Went to military school then on to a Prestigious college. Avoided military service during Vietnam and later joined his father’s business. He grew his families business by being a ruthless business man and priding himself on always making the next best deal regardless of who he stepped on. Trump has spent nearly his entire life marketing himself and his business(es) as being the self proclaimed best at everything. Donald Trump is the epitome of the greedy capitalist. At 70 years old he has spent a nearly half of a century swindling anyone he can. He was raised or at least came to embody ruthless capitalism at the expense of ethics and morals. His trample the weak and hurdle the dead business mentality has brought him the power and influence to force his way into the political arena. He is a child of the Era of Jim Crow, he grew up rich in a society that told he and his compatriots that they were the Masters of the Universe. While his peers where in the streets protesting Vietnam, or being drafted, he was in Business school. Trump’s beliefs and actions are Anglo-American Christian centric. His track record and his speeches have shown him to be racist, sexist, and anti-Muslim. But what makes him appeal to anyone, besides bigots…I mean the Alt-Right, is the fact that he campaigned as an Anti-Establishment Nationalist Capitalist. He’s no visionary, or even particularly Charismatic, he’s an opportunist. Trump is capitalizing on our distraction, disenfranchisement, apathy, and fear. The election ( or selection) of President Donald J. Trump is the inception of the overt rule of the American Oligarchs.

Trump is the embodiment of the Rich American Ruling class. He spreads his arms and tells the lie that he is just like you or at least willing to help you. That he is successful because he has worked hard and lived up to his potential…and so can you, if only you’d work harder. Therein lies the con; here is where he pulls the wool over our eyes. He is selling the idea that he’s got your back and those who can’t identify with him are brainwashed by the establishment. The establishment is the problem. The government is perpetuating the problem and only he can fix it. In truth he is doing all he can to entrench himself in wealth and power. Less than a quarter of America bought this lie and less than a quarter of America bought Hillary Clinton’s Lies. About 10 percent found truth in what the third or fourth parties had to say and more than half of America DID NOT VOTE. Half of America is so tired of being lied to that they just don’t care anymore and the other half were given the choice between two very rich lairs. However he was still selected by the Electoral College. The popular vote was subverted by guileful gerrymandering, deep pocketed donors, and a system designed to keep the hands of the wealthy on the steering wheel. That is true subjugation.

What is sad is that some Americans are just now realizing that there are people like Trump who are abusing their power, wealth, and authority. This is not news to some of us. Most people do not know that smiling faces of our rich elite are masks to hide their bigotry, sociopathy, and psychopathy. Donald Trump has just proven that it’s not necessary to hide behind their masks. His closest advisors and his cabinet are made up of Neo-Nazis, cronies, bigots, and billionaires, despite his promises to “Drain the Swamp”. He surrounds himself with yes-men and kleptocrats who reinforces his brazen xenophobic rhetoric. This is dangerous. Normalizing this type of behavior emboldens radical actions from groups on the fringes of the left and right. His nepotism, cronyism, and plutocratic practices will result in a shift from a republic with oligarchic undertones to a complete Oligarchy.


What is truly incomprehensible is that despite rich as he is, Trump is not special. We want to make him special so that his deception won’t hurt as much. The hard truth is there are a lot of Trumps in America. They are in control of our businesses, banks, and industry; in control of our country. The fact that this type of rich reprobate can now openly say what was once said behind the closed doors of mansions and board rooms out of fear of reprisal is absurd. What is more mystifying is that he was still elected, which says a lot about how desensitized we are. Trump isn’t special, Trump is just another crass, callous and corrupt capitalist who is too damn old to hide his bigotry with flowered words. I believe that Donald Trump is one of the first of many American Oligarchs who will occupy the White House if we don’t wake up. This will continue to be our reality if we can’t shake this apathetic bystander mentality. We, the American people, must assert ourselves and our right to govern ourselves and direct our own future.