community before government

most of the people in my life, both personally and professionally, have been hit hard by the election. i cried. i have allowed myself fear, asking those around me if it is a healthy fear or paranoia, and honestly i think it is both.
we have a president-elect who is known for bad business deals, bad marriages and a truly bad hairstyle. we know he is a monster-but here we are.
i have read many articles and commentary about what is happening, but what i am seeing above and beyond the initial fear, shock and awe of this, is a knowledge that we need each other. this is a time when we hold our hands out to neighbors, to make sure the needs of the whole are met. we don’t need a government to manage our communities, we need each other.
we need feet to ground actions-black lives matters, food not bombs, the standing rock anti-dakota pipeline protests. we need compassion and consideration-there will be more of a need for donations to food banks. we need voices to help carry and protect our humanity-research, create, distribute. there is a way for everyone to find a space in creating our new direction, even if it is a simple hug and some words of encouragement.